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  • Jail bankers for fraud and break up the banks to protect depositors!
  • Establish a government-owned national bank
  • Build large-scale infrastructure for real jobs

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About Barry

“Jail bankers for fraud; break up the corrupt and bankrupt banks and then generate cheap credit for productive industries and infrastructure by establishing a government-owned National bank.” These are just a few of the key policies that Barry Mason your Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) candidate for the Perth by-election, says he will fight for when elected.

Barry has lived in the riverside suburb of Rossmoyne all his life, is a keen golfer, enjoys travelling, camping, and archery at the local club, but most importantly, hevalues time with his family including two grandchildren. Currently working part-time as a driver for a local traffic management company Barry chose to leave a successful 30-year full-time career at the coal-face of the housing industry—designing and selling homes—to pursue other political and educational activities.

Barry spends as much time as he can researching the causes of the Global Financial Crisis, and many elements of finance and banking from both a current and historical perspective, to extend his understanding of these matters, but more importantly to be able to know and fight for the solutions to economic problems.

He joined the CEC after watching The CEC Report, the half-hour TV broadcast on Perth-based West Television Channel 44. Now in its 30th year after being formed in 1988 in Queensland, the CEC has fought as an independent political party for the principles of the common good and national sovereignty, in economic and foreign policy, which are needed today.

Barry says, “I find that the CEC’s policies are honest, and they actually put people first!”

“I joined because the CEC has fought to free Australia from the control of banks and multinational corporations, which took over our economy under the policies of deregulation and privatisation that the Hawke-Keating ALP started, and the Liberals continued.

“Without deviation over the years, the CEC has fought for economic development using a national bank, to invest in large-scale water, power and transport infrastructure projects, in order to expand our agriculture and manufacturing industries and create hundreds of thousands of productive jobs.

“The CEC also promotes the need for a new system of international relations, which is based on economic justice, respect for national sovereignty, and the principle of peace through economic development—that nations collaborating on economic projects that uplift their populations can provide a basis for lasting peace.”

By voting for Barry, you can support these principles and policies elaboated further here.

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