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  • Jail bankers for fraud and break up the banks to protect depositors!
  • Establish a government-owned national bank
  • Build large-scale infrastructure for real jobs

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Campaign Activity

Saturday 30 June 2018

Campaign Launch
Voters in the Perth by-election have a unique opportunity to change history by voting for Glass-Steagall bank separation which Barry Mason has as his number one policy. Among the 15 candidates, Barry is the only one campaigning for Glass-Steagall. Barry’s campaign was officially launched on Saturday 30 June attended by 60 supporters, activists, party officials and guest speaker, Denise Brailey a consumer advocate and President of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (BFCSA). More than half the audience were relatively new people to the CEC having in many cases first heard of us through the CEC Report airing on Perth's WTV. The station sent along two journalists who conducted several interviews for their “Perth Speaks” and “Have your Say” programs. In addition to CEC researcher Richard Bardon's presentation on the crimes of the Australian banks now delivered in four states, Denise’s animated and extremely informative presentation on the criminal activities of the banks' mortgage machine had everyone’s attention and dominated questions. This is a must watch which will be made available on YouTube soon. Australian Alert Service Editor Elisa Barwick revealed how China's Glass-Steagall laws came about, and why China ran a post-2008 GFC state credit creation program to rebuild the real economy and counter the central banks' Quantitative Easing bail out.

CEC Founder and Leader Craig Isherwood put the emphasis on our national mobilisation to get the CEC’s Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 legislated and played Bob Katter’s speech to parliament on 25 June when the Bill was introduced and seconded by Andrew Wilkie. Now, with the Parliament in recess until August, the Perth by-election offers a unique and strategic catalyst to change the status quo in Australia. The free market system is failing, the banks are sitting on a nuclear bomb of derivatives fuelled by an overinflated housing bubble and Barry Mason’s campaign puts front and centre the only workable solution. Twenty-two people volunteered to be part of Barry’s crew of campaign helpers at the seminar. Other supporters from around the country are joining in, with planned weekend door-to-door campaigning, business-to-business and street tables during the week and morning and afternoon train station deployments. A man who was called over to the table to talk about the election, not realising it was the CEC, called back, “No thanks. I know who I’m voting for. I’m voting for Barry Mason!”

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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Talking to voters in North Perth

Phone: 0499 087 106

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