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  • Jail bankers for fraud and break up the banks to protect depositors!
  • Establish a government-owned national bank
  • Build large-scale infrastructure for real jobs

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Campaign Activity

Read about the activity in this campaign. No other candidate is engaging the people like this!

Thursday 26 July 2018
Perth campaign is a watershed for the CEC
Two days out from the Perth by-election, with several weeks of intense campaigning for Glass-Steagall bank separation which Barry Mason’s campaign alone puts front and centre, it is clear that regardless of the number of votes received, our campaign is a watershed for the CEC. It represents a new model of activating the population. With support from afar by head office, work on the ground has been conducted by the field team, state secretaries and some 40 activists. Many of the supporters are very new, having only been with the CEC for 3-9 months, and some have just met us during the campaign. They know what’s at stake, and we have the runs on the board fighting against the banks and their overseers, so they are activating! Twenty-three ventured out in rain and gale force winds to attend a Sunday BBQ/meeting to get the latest update from the CEC on 22 July. Researcher Robert Barwick spoke on the strategic significance of the campaign and plans for the final week. One man who contacted Barry from election coverage on WTV instead of staying half an hour as planned, joined up as a member, stayed on for the afternoon and volunteered to man a booth on election day.

State Secretaries from the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, Trudy Campbell, Jean Robinson and Jan Pukallus have been great assets for the campaign. Jan reported that despite bad weather, they’ve organised at every shopping strip within the electorate, manning at least one table and often two, even having a table completely upended by a gust of wind. They’ve had people come up to the table after reading the flyer saying they want to support, or they’ve seen us on TV. Businesses in the immediate vicinity of the shopping strips were also organised. Good people responded by putting campaign flyers on their counter, signing the petition and/or a poster in their window. Some happily posed for a photo with Barry and the poster. Experienced organisers paired up with newer activists to brief people going door to door. This was a win-win for everyone—organisers, activists and householders. After a full day’s deployment they handed out flyers at a railway station from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Of the 13 train stations in the electorate, only Bayswater was still to be covered in the final week. Numbers varied by station but a good percentage of commuters took Barry’s campaign/how to vote flyer. A guy at one station, on seeing Barry’s corflute poster announced, “There’s only one person worth voting for and that’s the CEC candidate! I watch the CEC Report on TV.”

One day we had nine activists deployed in the Hay Street Mall! The response to our presence was notable, and at times organisers had people lining up to speak to them. In Morley, at the pre-polling station most candidates and their helpers were standing inside the door out of the horrible weather. CEC reps Jean and Bronwyn were outside on the footpath manning a table, however, and did quite well over the 3 hours despite drenching rain and squalls. They signed someone up to the AAS, and collected donations and contact details. Barry and Jan went business-to-business. Business owners are grateful to have a candidate actually talk to them about ideas and solutions and the response was very good. All except two businesses put up posters, took flyers for their counter or signed the petition. A cake shop customer who recognised Barry erupted spontaneously with, “You’re Barry Mason, I know your face. I’m voting for you!”

Thursday 19 July 2018
A shot across the bow of the big four banks
Once the CEC’s Glass-Steagall bank separation bill is legislated in Australia, it opens up the potential for other countries to follow even before it’s enacted. That’s the power of our mobilisation. By maintaining the pressure on MPs, especially those who belong to the “party for the people”, the ALP, we can encourage them to take a position for the people and against the banks. That’s the potential of the Perth by-election and Barry Mason’s campaign for Glass-Steagall: every vote for Barry will be like a shot across the bow of the Big Four banks and provide additional leverage to encourage those MPs who are still sitting on the fence on Glass-Steagall. The message is that voters want them to support breaking up the banks—to protect voters’ savings and livelihoods—from these obviously bankrupt, predatory banks.

Despite terrible Perth weather our crew of organisers, including state secretaries, supporters and Barry are on the job daily to reach as many people as possible. Adding to the dynamic of our presence with table displays in the streets, we have crews handing out flyers at train stations, talking to people at their businesses or front doors, and for the last two weeks of the campaign, 30- and 15-second advertisements will be shown ten times a day on community WTV. This is in addition to the regular airing of the CEC Report.

The editor of the Perth Voice community newspaper will do an editorial on Barry and the campaign, which is distributed to over 27,000 households each week, while many retail businesses have been happy to put up a campaign poster in their business and/or take extra flyers for their customers. Recognition is growing, and while not all responses are positive, any reaction means the message is getting out. One lady, who knew exactly what we represented, rushed past the table in the street saying “I’m a financial adviser, and you people have got it all wrong!” Another said she has been following the CEC Report for years and couldn’t agree more, and signed up to membership.

One man spoken to at pre-polling about the Bank Reform Bill said he has already seen it; his wife spoke to someone at their home who left a copy with her. Similarly, a young lady spoken with at a table site said she and her husband had been reading and discussing Barry’s campaign flyer which was left at their home the day before. There’s no doubt she said, “Barry’s got our votes!”

Thursday 12 July 2018
Grass-roots campaign in full-swing
The CEC’s campaign for Glass-Steagall bank separation is the only workable solution to the fast approaching banking crisis of which many leading economists are now warning. The Perth by-election and Barry Mason’s campaign offers a unique and strategic opportunity to recruit people, not to simply vote and then forget, but to get actively involved in fighting for policies that are long overdue for Australia. This was the message a crew of twenty WA supporters and activists took doorknocking to hundreds of households at the weekend. If people weren’t home, a flyer outlining our concerns and solutions along with Barry’s calling card were left at the front door. Perth WTV’s Undercurrent program helped focus attention on the necessity for Glass-Steagall with reporting and interviews recorded at the CEC’s 30 June state seminar. Barry was interviewed as the candidate for the by-election and was asked what people can do. Barry called on the public to contact the CEC for more information and get a copy of the bank separation legislation tabled by Bob Katter on 25 June. People should take the legislation to their MP, he said, and insist that “as your elected representative, you want them to support it”.

Saturday 30 June 2018

Campaign Launch
Voters in the Perth by-election have a unique opportunity to change history by voting for Glass-Steagall bank separation which Barry Mason has as his number one policy. Among the 15 candidates, Barry is the only one campaigning for Glass-Steagall. Barry’s campaign was officially launched on Saturday 30 June attended by 60 supporters, activists, party officials and guest speaker, Denise Brailey a consumer advocate and President of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (BFCSA). More than half the audience were relatively new people to the CEC having in many cases first heard of us through the CEC Report airing on Perth's WTV. The station sent along two journalists who conducted several interviews for their “Perth Speaks” and “Have your Say” programs. In addition to CEC researcher Richard Bardon's presentation on the crimes of the Australian banks now delivered in four states, Denise’s animated and extremely informative presentation on the criminal activities of the banks' mortgage machine had everyone’s attention and dominated questions. This is a must watch which will be made available on YouTube soon. Australian Alert Service Editor Elisa Barwick revealed how China's Glass-Steagall laws came about, and why China ran a post-2008 GFC state credit creation program to rebuild the real economy and counter the central banks' Quantitative Easing bail out.

CEC Founder and Leader Craig Isherwood put the emphasis on our national mobilisation to get the CEC’s Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 legislated and played Bob Katter’s speech to parliament on 25 June when the Bill was introduced and seconded by Andrew Wilkie. Now, with the Parliament in recess until August, the Perth by-election offers a unique and strategic catalyst to change the status quo in Australia. The free market system is failing, the banks are sitting on a nuclear bomb of derivatives fuelled by an overinflated housing bubble and Barry Mason’s campaign puts front and centre the only workable solution. Twenty-two people volunteered to be part of Barry’s crew of campaign helpers at the seminar. Other supporters from around the country are joining in, with planned weekend door-to-door campaigning, business-to-business and street tables during the week and morning and afternoon train station deployments. A man who was called over to the table to talk about the election, not realising it was the CEC, called back, “No thanks. I know who I’m voting for. I’m voting for Barry Mason!”

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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Talking to voters in North Perth

Phone: 0499 087 106

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