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28-29 March international conference proceedings:

The World Land Bridge
Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All Men

  • LaRouche: The Trans-Atlantic Financial System Is Bankrupt, Not Greece
  • Sarajevo for the Euro
  • Tsipras's Combative Statement on Bank Holiday
  • A Day in the Euro System's Breakdown Crisis
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  • LaRouche's 40-Year Record: A New International Economic Order
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  • Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?
  • Mobilise to stop WWIII
  • Dr. Natalia Vitrenko: Facing Terror under a Kiev Regime 'Both Nazi and Fascist'

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    Australia must join AIIB!

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    Australian Alert Service

    24th June, 2015

    Save the Pope from Satan and the world from genocide!

    Prince Charles visiting his mother's climate change envoy Hans Schellnhuber, CBE, at Germany's Potsdam Institute. The long-term British imperial project for mass global depopulation has taken a major stride forward with the Queen's own climate change envoy, Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber, having been welcomed into the Vatican. This latest manoeuvre is driven, however, by the desperation of an Empire whose system is rapidly disintegrating and steadily being replaced by a new, fair and just economic order, stemming from the BRICS nations.

    Articles include the following:

  • New Encyclical rejects unique role of man
  • ASIS whistleblower expecting prosecution
  • Turnbull's 'anti-piracy' law a smokescreen for even more state secrecy
  • Obama wheels and deals to pass trade fast-track
  • Zepp-LaRouche addresses Silk Road Conference in Yiwu, China

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    2nd July, 2015

    Australian foreign policy hostage to neo-cons who want war with China

    Like a toy Poodle yapping at a Rottweiler from beneath its owner’s skirt, Australia’s chief bureaucrat this week decided to patronise and gratuitously insult China—the world’s biggest nation and economy, upon which Australia is completely dependent for trade.

    China, as any other nation, is not above criticism; however, Michael Thawley, Tony Abbott’s choice as head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, didn’t simply “criticise” China.

    Instead, he delivered the message that China—despite thousands of years of history—“wasn’t ready” to take a leadership role for the world.

    “China won’t help you produce a solution,” Thawley said to the Crawford Australian Leadership Forum at the Australian National University. “China will get in the way or get out of the way. … [I]t’s not willing or able to play a serious global leadership role.”

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    Feature pages

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