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The World Land Bridge
Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All Men

  • Putin Prepares Russia for War; Shuts Down U.S. NED
  • To Stop World War III, Hillary Must Expose Obama's Benghazi Lies
  • Hillary Clinton Must Tell the Truth About Benghazi, and Bring Down Obama Before He Unleashes the Guns of August
  • The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era
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  • LaRouche's 40-Year Record: A New International Economic Order
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  • Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?
  • Mobilise to stop WWIII
  • Dr. Natalia Vitrenko: Facing Terror under a Kiev Regime 'Both Nazi and Fascist'

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    Australia must join with the BRICS!

    Australian Alert Service

    29th July, 2015

    The end of oligarchism starts with Glass-Steagall

    Tony Blair, despite being one of the most despised people in the UK, is leading the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, out of sheer desperation. Under Blair's leadership, the Labour Party became subservient to the City of London bankers, who are now hysterical that a Corbyn victory would destroy their corrupt power over British politics. Leaders are beginning to emerge who reflect the sentiments of people fed up with being made the scapegoats for the banks, and being looted to paper over bankers' crimes: In Greece where measures to bail-in people's deposits are in the works; in the UK where workers are rebelling against new, heightened austerity measures; and in the US where the outrage of citizens has compelled Democratic presidential nominee Martin O'Malley to push for Glass-Steagall as his "first and foremost" priority. But here in Australia the "opposition" has just reinforced its commitment to remain Another Liberal Party. As the next phase of the GFC bears down, our role in promoting the Glass-Steagall alternative is crucial.

    Articles include the following:

  • Shorten consolidates ALP as Another Liberal Party
  • Renewable energy target condemns Australians to poverty, early death
  • A sensible solution to the budget deficit
  • Tony Blair desperate to stop Glass-Steagall leader
  • Greek update: Parliament passes second package—including depositor bail-in
  • Troika is a no-show in Athens, claiming 'security' fears

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    4th August, 2015

    The British Royal Nazis: It wasn’t just Edward VIII, or even Prince Philip!

    The 1933 film which has just surfaced in which the 7-year old future Queen Elizabeth II is giving the “Heil Hitler” salute along with her uncle the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII, brings a much deeper, more ugly reality into view than merely the well-known fact that Edward was such a Hitler fanatic that he was forced to resign the throne under the pretext that he had married a commoner, Wallis Simpson. It also goes deeper than the brood of high-level Nazis sitting in Prince Philip’s family tree, as touched upon in Britain’s Channel 4 special of 30 July, “Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King”.

    Because also saluting away right there alongside young Elizabeth in that 1933 film is her mother, the future Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother). The reality is that both she and her husband King George VI were also deeply pro-Nazi, a tradition continued into the present most flagrantly by the world outlook and activities of Queen Elizabeth II’s consort, Philip.

    King George VI was given a PR makeover in the movie, The King’s Speech, but he and his wife were dead centre in the faction of the British elite who supported Hitler right up until WWII. Among other things, George employed leading members of the pro-Nazi Right Club in the top positions of his Royal household, even after the club was banned and its leader arrested; he broke protocol to publicly fete Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain from the balcony of Buckingham Palace for his “peace in our time” appeasement of Hitler at the Munich Summit; and he was known to have preferred the leading appeaser Lord Halifax to replace Chamberlain as PM, over Winston Churchill.

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