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Australia must join with the BRICS!

Australian Alert Service

3rd February, 2016

Nothing can save derivatives debt bubble—cancel it!

The small but sudden burst of attention to Glass-Steagall banking laws, including in the Australian media this week, is a sign of just how dire the global financial blowout is becoming. There is simply no longer any way to juggle, unravel or prop up the caving monstrosity of fictitious value in the trans-Atlantic system, built atop an economy which has long since been stripped and looted of its productive substance. The only solution is to cancel the derivatives debt bubble, ban gambling by deposit-taking banks and initiate the reconstruction of our physical economy.

Articles include the following:

  • Turnbull pimps Australia to the 'Money Power'
  • Bail-in fiasco in Italy
  • China laughs off Soros currency threat, but beware
  • Soros lemmings in mass charge on China's currency, New Silk Road
  • 'Oil depression' looms as bad debt piles up
  • Is Obama out to sabotage Kerry's Syria diplomacy?
  • Paedophiles against Putin
  • WHO declares Zika virus a global emergency

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Media Releases

9th February, 2016

Oil and gas sector a derivatives time bomb

The cascade of write-downs, defaults and bankruptcies now sweeping the oil and gas sector worldwide is well on the way to triggering the final, deadly implosion of the London/Wall Street-centred financial system. Like the smaller, 2007-08 mortgage debt bubble, the threat lies in the derivatives trades that are many times the value of the oil debts they are betting on, which are increasingly worthless.

Explaining the collapse in European bank stocks this year, including falls of 37 and 34 per cent in the stocks of Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse respectively, Matthew Lynn reported in the 8 February London Telegraph, “Collapsing oil and commodity prices are starting to seep into the financial system, much as collapsing house prices did in 2008. The big oil and mining conglomerates have massive debts, and so do the smaller oil explorers. Hedging contracts [derivatives] on commodity prices are scattered throughout the financial system, and enormous losses may start to crystallise in the next few months.”

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