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30th September, 2015

As markets crash, warmongers show true colours

The worldwide rout in commodity stocks, including the meltdown of global commodities-trading giant Glencore, is much more than a financial development: we are witnessing the implosion of the financial foundation of the Anglo-American empire. The City of London and Wall Street have resorted to financial tricks to paper over the collapse of their empire and maintain control over the supply and price of resources, but they can only keep it up for so long. If Glencore goes bust—as seems almost certain at this point—and takes US$2 trillion in commodities derivatives with it, the resultant financial meltdown will spell the end of Anglo-American imperial power.

Articles include the following:

  • CEC represents Australia at St. Petersburg conference
  • 'Science infrastructure fund' just a bailout in disguise
  • Turnbull to toe Obama's line on China
  • Will Turnbull's renewed carbon-trading push blow out the 'trust deficit' with India?
  • Misleading solar advertisement

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30th September, 2015

Syria could be Australia’s moment of truth: will we be independent?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has repeatedly conceded in the past few days that the policy pursued by Australia’s major allies to resolve the Syria crisis, premised upon the overthrow of Assad, hasn’t worked.

Bishop told The Weekend Australian, “Given Australia’s significant contribution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq and our involvement in militant operations against Daesh, it is inevitable that we will play a role as an advocate for a political solution in Syria. It is evident there must be a political as well as a military solution to the conflict in Syria. There is an emerging view in some quarters that the only conceivable option would be a national unity government involving President Assad.” (Emphasis added.)

Initially, Bishop’s statements coincided with a shift by the Obama administration towards dialogue with Russia over Syria, including the first telephone call between the US Defence Secretary and Russian Defence Minister since April 2014, and Barack Obama’s agreeing to meet Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the UN this week; the UK government has similarly adjusted its rhetoric.

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