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Australia must join with the BRICS!

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4th May, 2016

Interrogate your MP: Where do you stand on Glass-Steagall?

Events of the last week, from new indicators of the collapse of the housing bubble to falling bank profits and the decision to lower interest rates, make it clear that a new financial crisis is looming. The decisive issue for the federal election is therefore how to reorganise the financial system, beginning with a Glass-Steagall banking separation. Write to your MP today, demanding to know where he or she stands on Glass-Steagall!

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  • Yes, Prince Faisal, we need to 'recalibrate'
  • The struggle to hold momentum for Syrian peace
  • Obama launches new effort to turn ASEAN against China

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Media Releases

5th May, 2016

To stop a major terrorist attack in Britain: Re-open the SFO’s al-Yamamah investigation!

In light of the political furore that has erupted in the USA over the Bush and Obama administrations’ cover-up of Saudi Arabia’s role in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the British government must end its parallel cover-up of how the British-Saudi al-Yamamah arms deal generated funds for the 9/11 attackers. In particular, the House of Commons committees now examining British arms trade with Saudi Arabia must pursue these revelations regarding 9/11. Otherwise the continuing cover-up will ensure that a near-term mass terrorist attack in Britain itself is a certainty, an attack which MI5 and MI6 chiefs have repeatedly warned is coming.[1]

The UK Committee on International Development’s 2 February call for the UK to suspend all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, following exposure of the fact that UK arms have been used by the Saudis to bomb civilians in Yemen, and the ongoing Committees on Arms Export Controls hearings on those sales, will end up being nothing but a sideshow unless the veil is lifted on the connections between the UK-Saudi arms trade, and Saudi support for international terrorism.

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