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Push your Councillors to support Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill.

Homeowners in Australia are in crisis. Record numbers face mortgage default, and home foreclosure, because they have been trapped in a cost-of-living explosion—fuel prices, essential groceries, and interest rates. Consequently, the so-called “sub-prime mortgage crisis” in the U.S. is now roaring down upon Australia.

The only specific solution to address this crisis is legislation called the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill, which is modelled on similar legislation in the U.S. drafted by the American economist Lyndon LaRouche. This bill protects the people, by freezing home and farm foreclosures, and providing federal protection to the trading banks, so that the financial system can function.

The American version of this legislation has been tabled in 20 state parliaments, and resolutions endorsing it have been unanimously passed by dozens of city councils. Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has now called for a moratorium on foreclosures.

The Citizens Electoral Council is mobilising every single local government council in Australia to endorse the Australian version of the Homeowners and Bank Protection bill, on behalf of their constituents, who are the victims of this crisis. The more local government backs this solution, the more pressure that puts on the state and federal parliaments to pass it.

We need you to push your local councillors to recognise these issues. Only when they see mass support for these ideas will they overcome their inertia and move. Your local council has been approached by the CEC to pass a resolution demanding the Federal Parliament pass the HBPB. You can read the resolution that the CEC is putting to your local council here.

Call your councillors and demand they act!

For more information, or to join the CEC in the fight, call 1800-636-432.

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