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"Time for Glass-Steagall Banking Separation and a National Bank"

A handbook on Glass-Steagall banking separation, national banking, the crimes of the banks and 'bail-in'. This 100 page document provides the urgently required solutions to rebuild the national economy right as a new financial crisis is unfolding.

Click here to find out more On 14 February 2018 the Federal Parliament passed legislation which gives the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) extraordinary powers during a financial crisis, including the possibility to confiscate deposits in order to rescue collapsing banks ("bail-in").
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    We, the undersigned, appeal to President Trump, President Putin, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi, to convoke an emergency summit in order to create a New Bretton Woods global monetary system.

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    Australia needs Glass-Steagall Now! Click here to find out more Click here to read about why Australia must align with the BRICS 2015 conference: The World Land Bridge Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All Men

    Australian Alert Service

    14th November, 2018

    Fight terrorism in all its forms

    The modern wave of Islamist terrorism again struck Australia with the frenzied knife attack on Melbourne's Bourke Street on 9 November. In response, Prime Minister Scott Morrison lectured Muslim leaders to be more proactive in detecting and reporting extremist activity in their community. Controversial Senator Fraser Anning repeated his call for a plebiscite for Australians to vote on whether we want Muslim immigrants like the assailant, or European immigrants like his victim Sisto Malaspina.

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    • Banks tell Royal Commission: Don't you change us—or else!
    • Banks and their pollies up to usual tricks with financial advice 'reforms'
    • Gas pipelines should be public utilities, not private monopolies
    • Anti-China hawks in a flap over Victoria's Belt and Road agreement
    • Midterm elections set the stage for 2020 battle
    • China lays plans for inclusive cooperation at trade expo
    • Will Modi override bankers in favour of the people?
    • Asia Times reports refutation of China 'debt-trap'
    • Are we sleepwalkers? What have we learned from how World War I broke out?
    • Crown's MI5 set to 'investigate' far-Right extremists
    • May the Guns of August, this time, remain silent
    • ALMANAC: Little Round Top: Fighting for a higher cause

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    Media Releases

    16th November, 2018

    Gas pipelines should be public utilities, not private monopolies

    The following release is from an article by Richard Bardon printed in the 14 November Australian Alert Service.

    When the Morrison government on 7 November flagged its intention to veto the takeover of gas pipeline operator APA Group by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s company CK Asset Holdings Ltd (CK Group), it made the right call for the wrong reason. Certainly the sale would have resulted in “an undue concentration of foreign ownership … in our most significant gas transmission business”, as Treasurer Josh Frydenberg stated in a media release—though it is difficult to imagine that a British or US company would have faced the same opposition as a nominally Chinese one (in fact CK Group is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, a British offshore tax haven). But given that gas pipelines are a) natural monopolies and b) vital to the national economy, they ought not be controlled by any private interest, foreign or domestic—let alone by a price-gouging, tax dodging outfit such as APA. A government serious about Australia’s national security—or, for that matter, about reducing the cost of energy—would put all such critical infrastructure under the control of public authorities obligated to the Common Good, not private corporations that profit by ripping off Australian businesses and households.

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    Feature pages

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