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11th January, 2016

2017 must usher in Glass-Steagall pathway to a future

The majority of Australians may not know it, but their future depends upon the banking reform known as Glass-Steagall. Our immediate mission in 2017 is to make that idea a household name, as it is in the UK and USA. Teamed with our aim to revive the debate on Glass-Steagall reform in the UK, and secure the bill's passage through the US Congress, we have a platform that will change the world. Will it happen? Consider the alternative.

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Articles include the following:

  • Good grounds for optimism—a new paradigm in 2017!
  • Wall Street insider: 'next crisis much worse than the last'
  • Campaign to make Trump keep Glass-Steagall promise
  • Wall Street banks have $2 trillion European exposure
  • Political fracturing between Italy and EU
  • US Intelligence delivers political construct on 'Russian hacking'
  • Efforts to break Russia-Turkey collaboration
  • Andrei Karlov—critical leader in Russia's foreign service
  • Time running out for Aus housing bubble
  • Government caught in welfare extortion racket

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  • 'Free market' smashes milk producers
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    Media Releases

    12th January, 2017

    Support campaign to make Trump keep Glass-Steagall promise

    Glass-Steagall advocates worldwide are being urged to support an intensive effort to make the full separation of commercial banks from Wall Street’s casino investment banks the first item on Donald Trump’s agenda once he is inaugurated as US President on 20 January. A group of Ohio Democrats who are supporters of Bernie Sanders, calling themselves “Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio”, are demanding Trump raise the issue in his State of the Union address and then “make good on his campaign promise” by delivering the new law.

    The Ohio Revolution group has issued a call to Trump, for Glass-Steagall supporters to endorse, which will be presented to the incoming president before his inauguration. International supporters of Glass-Steagall are urged to also add their names to the call, to send a clear message that the world urgently needs Glass-Steagall, and that delivering on his campaign promise would provide global leadership on this most crucial issue. If Trump fulfils his election promise, the politicians in Australia, the UK etc. who have blocked moves to implement Glass-Steagall will be forced to address the issue again.

    The international message to Trump is very important—sign for yourself, and get everyone you know to also endorse the call. The call closes on 18 January (19 January in Australia), in order for it to be delivered to Trump before his inauguration, so sign now!

    Following is the full text of the Ohio call (more details are available at bernie2016.blogspot.com.au).

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    Feature pages

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