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Australia's Blueprint for Economic Development

Australia's Blueprint for Economic Development

April 2006 New Citizen

Vol 5 No 6

Australia's Blueprint for Economic Development

44 pages

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The Infrastructure Road to Recovery

Let's Build Our Way Out of the Depression! p. 11
Build the Eurasian Land-Bridge!
Revive the Nation-State and the Common Good
Rebuild Australia's Collapsed Infrastructure
Develop the Biosphere, and the Noosphere
A Snowy Veteran Keeps Fighting

Populate or Perish: We Need 50 Million People! p. 14
62 Million Australians by 2050?
The Nation-State and Population Growth
Prince Philip and Other Great Apes
LaRouche's "Potential Relative Population Density"

Building a Nation: The Snowy Scheme p. 17
The Snowy Vision
William Hudson: Snowy Mountains Engineer
Great Water Projects p. 20
Water for Australia
The Fitzroy River
The Ord and Victoria Rivers
The Daly, the Roper, and the Gulf of Carpentaria Rivers
The Reid Scheme
The Bradfield Scheme
The Dawson Scheme
The Burnett River
The Clarence Scheme
The Murray-Darling Basin
Northwest Victoria
Finke River
Esperance-Kalgoorlie Pipeline
Perth/Wheat Belt
Conquering Our Salinity Problem p. 26

Australia Must Go Nuclear!
Australia's Nuclear History
Australia and the Current Global Reality
Exposing the Myths
The High-Temperature Reactor is Coming
Projects for Seawater Desalination
Super-Safe Nuclear Power: the Meltdown-Proof Pebble Bed Reactor
Hot Air Over Wind Energy

A Great Railway Boom
The Asian Express
A Maglev Rail System

A World Leader In High-Speed Shipping
Fast Boat to China: Australian-Made High-Speed Shipping
Economic Necessity, Political Will
"Can-do" Shipping—the Australian National Line

Conquering Space
An Abandoned Early Start in Space
Where Australia Stands Today
Interview with Andy Thomas

Rebuilding the Health System
A Collapsing System
Health Care and the Common Good
The Queen of Economic Rationalism—the Mont Pelerin Society
Mayhem and Murder—the Kennett "Reforms"
The Nuremberg Precedent—Denial of Medical Care
Now, Let's Rebuild!

Education: Dummies Won't Develop Australia
A Science-Driver Economy

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