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WHAT AUSTRALIA MUST DO to Survive the Depression

WHAT AUSTRALIA MUST DO to Survive the Depression

By the Citizens Electoral Council, 330 pages

There is good news and bad news accompanying this book. The bad news is that Australia (along with most of the rest of the world) is now plunging into an economic Depression. The good news, is that this book provides a way out.

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It is almost unprecedented for a political party to publish a book, because most parties' policies are either very vague, or, as in the case of the major parties' support for globalisation, so hated, that they would not dare put them down in writing. 

This book, first published in 2001, is therefore a welcome addition to the national policy debate on the economy. It is based, in significant measure, on the economic forecasts and global recovery programmes of the American physical economist and 2004 U.S. Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. As the book documents, LaRouche has an extraordinary record of economic forecasting stretching back to the 1960s, including his repeated statements throughout the 1990s, that the "New Economy" was merely a speculative bubble, which would soon burst.

Lately, LaRouche has become well-known for his call for a "New Bretton Woods" international monetary system of fixed exchange rates, protectionism and national banking, to replace the failed, extremely unjust globalist system. LaRouche is hated and feared by the international financial Establishment; when you read some of his writings included in this book, you can see why he is probably the most controversial political figure alive today.

In Part 1 of "What Australia Must Do...", the CEC details LaRouche's New Bretton Woods plan, including an elaboration of the exciting infrastructure development projects, both in Australia and abroad, that will be the engine drivers of economic recovery. Prominently featured on the book cover is a map of the proposed routes of the Eurasian Land-Bridge infrastructure corridors connecting Europe and Asia, and the Australian Ring Rail Proposal.

With this book, the CEC breathes new life into almost-forgotten grand infrastructure development ideas for Australia, like the Bradfield Scheme to turn the rivers of North Queensland inland and green the deserts; the Clarence River Scheme; and the completion of the Ord River Scheme, among others. The book also champions the railway construction ideas of one of Australian engineering's leading lights, Prof. Lance Endersbee, the author of the Melbourne to Darwin "Asian Express" high-speed rail programme, and the high-speed Australian Ring Rail, to link up all of Australia's major population centres with new economic development projects.

Parts 2 of the book is a major theoretical piece by LaRouche, "The Science Driver Principle in Economics," and Part 3 includes two pieces of draft legislation prepared by the CEC, to establish a national bank (the Commonwealth National Credit Bank), that will fund the reconstruction projects at low-interest, as well as declaring a debt moratorium on the debt burdens smothering Australian primary and secondary industry, to enable them to restructure and recover.

The authors sum up the book's purpose: "A New Bretton Woods system, anchored upon the Eurasian Land-Bridge -- the greatest infrastructure project the world has ever seen -- will bring the world out of its present misery and economic collapse, and provide the context in which we can finally develop all of our own vast continent, and provide an optimistic, unlimited future for all Australians, of whatever creed, colour or country of origin."

It is an optimistic, vital book, well worth reading.


Table of Contents



Part I. Urgent Practical Measures of Recovery

  1. Lyndon LaRouche: The World's Leading Economist
      LaRouche's Forecasts
      A 25-Year Fight for a Just World Economic Order

  2. The CEC Record:
      Australia's National and International Mission

  3. The New Bretton Woods System
      LaRouche's Call to Action
      People First!
      The New Bretton Woods System: Framework for a New, Just, World Economic Order

  4. The Eurasian Land-Bridge
      The Engine of World Economic Recovery
      Australia's Role

  5. Rebuilding Australia
      Great Infrastructure Projects
      The Machine-Tools Industry
      A National Bank

Part II. The Theoretical Basis for Recovery
  1. The Science-Driver Principle in Economics: The Gravity of Economic Intentions
Part III. Draft Legislation for Australia
  1. A New National Bank
  2. A Debt Moratorium for Farms and Industries
  1. LaRouche: A Biography
  2. LaRouche Responds to ACTU/ADC Lies
  3. LaRouche's Record on Fighting Racism
  4. The Triple Curve Function
  5. The American System vs. the British System
  6. The International Call For a New Bretton Woods
  7. Italian Senators Demand New Bretton Woods
  8. The Citizens Electoral Council
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