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A Voyage of Discovery

A Voyage of Discovery
By Lance Endersbee, 264 pages, hardcover

A History of Ideas About the Earth.  With a new understanding of the global resources of water and petroleum, and the problems of climate change.

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Although Australia lost one of its last great nation-building visionaries when Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee passed away on 1 October 2009, he left an immortal legacy in his body of brilliant ideas for national economic developments, the Melbourne to Darwin fast-freight railway, the Australian Ring Railway, the Clarence River Scheme, to name just a few.

A Voyage of Discovery was the late engineer's labour of love, its title perfectly capturing his insatiable spirit for scientific inquiry that drove Lance his entire life.

In its 264 colour-illustrated pages, it covers Lance's unique contributions to scientific knowledge, including in the areas of underground water, land subsidence and natural climate change, as well as Lance's open-minded inquiry into subjects such as the plate tectonics and the expanding earth, and the origins of the moon.

 A Voyage of Discovery is a must-read for anyone interested in ideas to shape the future, and it will make a great gift for family and friends.

WHAT AUSTRALIA MUST DO to Survive the Depression

By the Citizens Electoral Council, 330 pages

There is good news and bad news accompanying this book. The bad news is that Australia (along with most of the rest of the world) is now plunging into an economic Depression. The good news, is that this book provides a way out.

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