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    Australian Alert Service

    13th December, 2017

    2017: A year of victories for the many against the few

    The end of 2017 is a chance to reflect on the year and recognise that, on many fronts, great progress was made in the fight for the principle of the common good, in Australia and worldwide.

    In Syria, the latest target of neocons and liberal interventionists for regime change, Russia's strategic intervention alongside the Syrian Arab Army has been a spectacular success. The almost seven-year war is virtually at an end, and the US-UK-backed al-Qaeda terrorists and their ISIS spin-off have been routed from almost all of their major strongholds. While Donald Trump's contribution to Syria has been mixed, his election at least ensured a degree of cooperation with Russia that averted conflict which could have escalated into a major war. Progress is such that on 11 December Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to announce a partial withdrawal of Russian forces.

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    Articles include the following:

    • APRA is the 'monster that protects the banks'
    • Malcolm Fraser agreed with Dastyari on South China Sea
    • Japanese expert calls for global Glass-Steagall standard
    • Zepp-LaRouche addresses Maritime Silk Road Forum
    • Effort to contain China not washing with India, Japan
    • North Korea shows inclination for diplomacy
    • Why did the dealmaker do Jerusalem for free?
    • London/Manchester terrorism report a whitewash
    • MI6 elevates Russia to 'tier one' threat status
    • British 'foreign aid' sponsors jihadists in Syria
    • China challenges the Washington Consensus

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    Media Releases

    14th December, 2017

    Malcolm Fraser agreed with Sam Dastyari on South China Sea

    In 2016 an Australian Labor Party Senator gave a speech shamelessly sucking up to the strategic interests of a foreign country, which went against Australia’s clear national interests. It wasn’t Sam Dastyari.

    The Senator was Stephen Conroy, whose 16 June speech to the National Press Club slammed China’s claims in the South China Sea and threatened that, if elected, a Labor government would take the USA’s lead and conduct provocative naval exercises in that region. In case there was any doubt that Conroy was shamelessly genuflecting to the Obama administration, he repeated his belligerent threats the following month in Washington, while attending the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.

    The day after Conroy addressed the National Press Club, fellow ALP Senator Sam Dastyari told Chinese language media at Parliament House that “The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China.”

    Reportedly, Dastyari made the remarks to salvage a $400,000 donation to the ALP. While it is clearly wrong to make policies in exchange for money, don’t kid yourself: both major parties do it all the time. They are whores to large financial donors, and cheap ones at that. (Conroy would say he wasn’t speaking on that issue in exchange for money, but he’s since leveraged his political contacts into a job as chief Australian lobbyist for the world’s biggest on-line gaming companies.)

    The important question is: which Senator spoke for Australia’s national interest?

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