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  • Vitrenko Describes Physical Threats, Exposes Sophistry of the Ukrainian Parliament's "Neo-Nazi" Laws
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  • Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?
  • Mobilise to stop WWIII
  • Despicable attempt to frame Dr. Natalia Vitrenko stinks of Nazism in the Bandera tradition—Victoria Nuland’s favourite ideology
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    Australian Alert Service

    22nd April, 2015
    Never Again?
    American and Soviet soldiers shake hands across the shattered Elbe Bridge at Torgau, Germany, 25 April 1945. This Anzac Day is both the hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli landing of WWI, and the 70th anniversary of Elbe Day, which signalled the end of the Third Reich and was a crucial step towards the end of WWII. Today we again face the threat of our younger generation being killed off in an unnecessary world war, as well as the ugly rise of Nazism. Again today, that threat is cloaked in lies and propaganda, convincing the general public that it is the only way. Only by understanding the causality of the historical process we find ourselves in, and the solution of peace through economic development can Australia join the BRICS and collaborator nations which are acting to avoid this tragic scenario playing out.

    Articles include the following:

  • Unauthorised police mission only half the story
  • Wall Street's approval makes Treasurer Joe a happy chappie
  • The Anzac Legend: Will Australians Finally Learn their True History?
  • Russian Foreign Ministry says US troops in Ukraine violate Minsk II accord
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    23rd April, 2015

    The Anzac Legend: Will Australians finally learn their true history?

    “One hundred years after the bloodbath of the Gallipoli landing, the mythology of the ‘Anzac legend’ peddled by the Anglophile establishment, that ‘they died for our freedom’, should outrage any Australian with half a brain,” said CEC founder and leader Craig Isherwood today. “We must honour the poor Anzacs who suffered the horrors of war and died miserable deaths for no reason other than to serve the goals of the British Empire. We must do so by recognising the truth of the system that plunged them to their deaths, or often into a life of misery for those who survived, and by swearing to ourselves to reject that imperial system once and for all.”

    The reality to which Mr Isherwood refers is that that Empire launched World War I in pursuit of the geopolitical strategy designed by King Edward VII—to break up a world that had increasingly adopted the “American System” methods of directing credit towards national economic development ...

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