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12th October, 2016

Threat to Empire is not in Syria or South China Sea

With the UK steeling its spine, the Obama administration's declared intent (AAS 10 Feb.) to target Russia and China as its greatest mortal enemies, ahead of North Korea, Iran or ISIS, is fast bringing on a showdown. Having sabotaged US-Russian collaboration to eliminate ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria, the neocon extremists in the White House are preparing to target the Syrian military without a UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution—an act of war against Syria and Russia. The Russians are stepping up military readiness, as the UK and France beat the drums for Russia to be charged with war crimes and stripped of its UN Security Council veto.

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Articles include the following:

  • UN humanitarian aid chief denounces Saudis over Yemen
  • Questions over Pentagon contracts to UK firms
  • European banking crisis is a City of London crisis
  • Glass-Steagall, and jailing bank criminals urgent
  • Wunderkind gamblers who turned Deutsche Bank into a casino
  • Vacuum maglev transport proposed for Australia
  • Australian scientists to help ITER fusion project
  • One Belt, One Road: Opportunities for Australia

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  • 'Free market' smashes milk producers
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  • Media Releases

    132th October, 2016

    Japanese expert’s solution for banks: Glass-Steagall, jail bankers, cancel derivatives

    The furious backlash against Australia’s banks and their litany of abuses is happening amidst a deepening crisis in the global financial system. Japanese banking expert Daisuke Kotegawa, who in 2014 visited Parliament House in Canberra with the Citizens Electoral Council to press MPs to break up the Big Four banks, has put forward a course of action that all governments, including Australia’s, must take to resolve the crisis in banking worldwide.

    First, Kotegawa prescribes a Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banking, which the general public uses for deposits and loans, from risky investment banking and all other financial activity. Glass-Steagall is the only effective way to shield everyday people and the real economy from the inevitable meltdown of the present global financial system and its thousands of trillions of dollars of bad derivatives bets. Glass-Steagall is equally important for Australia’s financial system, which is dominated by four Too Big To Fail banks that are each vertically-integrated conglomerates of commercial banking, investment banking, wealth management, insurance, stock broking and trillions in off-balance sheet derivatives obligations.

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  • Media Release: Get out of Syria NOW!
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    Feature pages

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