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Australia must join with the BRICS!

Australian Alert Service

27th April, 2016

28 pages breakout can expose British hand in terror

Whether it be via frauds such as bail-in, funding terrorism, or provoking war, the current imperial system is killing us. We have a moment of opportunity, however, because right now the truth spilling out in relation to these policies is exposing, and can potentially derail, the entire Crown-City of London-Wall Street imperial agenda. The attached New Citizen, with the regular Alert, is vital ammunition.

Articles include the following:

  • The pile-up against Obama: Will it go all the way?
  • Don't fall for the lie
  • Obama's not-so-secret British mission
  • NATO doubles down on Russia provocations
  • Wall Street lights the fuse on its own energy debt bomb
  • Corporate default wave concentrated in trans-Atlantic
  • Delaware legislator re-opens Glass-Steagall debate
  • Attali: Never mind Panama, bring on the 'London Papers'
  • ASIC's bank crackdown is pure political theatre
  • Building the Silk Road Land-bridge

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Media Releases

28th April, 2016

‘Bail-in’ update: Dear Treasurer, are you kidding?

Treasurer Scott Morrison responded in an 18 March letter to a constituent’s concern about the “bail-in” policy—seizing deposits and retirement savings to prop up failing banks—now in force across most Western economies.

The Treasurer’s letter reveals he is either lying, or in complete denial about the real condition of Australia’s banking system.

He wrote, “I can assure your constituent that the Australian Government is not preparing legislation to seize bank deposits in times of financial instability.”

The CEC has two responses to that claim: 1) Australia’s closest political and economic partners—New Zealand, the USA, and the UK/EU—all have bail-in powers to seize deposits to prop up failing banks, designed at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) during the period when the present boss of Australia’s bank regulator APRA, Wayne Byres, worked there; and 2) APRA stated in its submission to the 2014 Financial System Inquiry that it didn’t require special bail-in legislation, as it effectively already had bail-in powers under existing legislation.

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