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23rd November, 2016

A door opens for Glass-Steagall—use it!

Such was the crisis in the USA at the time of President Franklin Roosevelt's inauguration in March 1933 that he was warned by one of his top advisors, "You will be the best US president or this nation's last."Roosevelt knew his first action must be to defend the American people from the Wall Streetcreated financial and economic crisis, and so he pledged to "wage a war against the emergency".

He immediately declared a bank holiday and began the process of reorganising the banks, closing some and saving some, and writing off much bad debt. The Glass-Steagall principle—to definitively prevent deposit-taking banks from gambling—was a crucial element. Previously defeated fourteen times, banking separation became law in June of that year. FDR then unleashed the grand economic reconstruction of America, putting millions of "forgotten men and women" back to work. By his swift and immediate action, the citizens yet facing a fearful situation were calmed.

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Articles include the following:

  • Helga Zepp-LaRouche presents policy bombshell in Peru
  • Glass-Steagall taken seriously following US election shock
  • Free trade and gun boats: Britannia to again rule the waves?
  • Flynn nomination sets early Trump course
  • Battle of Aleppo reaches end-game
  • Australia's failing wage growth has a long history
  • Australian refugee policy—worse than a wall
  • Petition: Break up the big banks now—pass Glass-Steagall!

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  • 'Free market' smashes milk producers
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    Media Releases

    29th November, 2016

    ‘Global Financial System Crashing—Replace It!’

    Under this headline, the year-end issue of The New Citizen newspaper documents the grim reality that, despite the US$19 trillion in “quantitative easing” and other bailouts, which the UK, US, European and Australian governments have poured into their Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) banks since 2008, every single one of those banks is now in worse shape than Lehman Brothers was on the eve of the 2008 crash. This is true not only for most of them individually, based on their own balance sheets, but also for all of them taken as the single gigantic, interconnected octopus they are. While American economist Lyndon LaRouche had been almost alone in warning of the 2008 crash, now forecasts of an imminent, far worse collapse are pouring forth daily from the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, the US Federal Reserve, and even prominent bankers such as former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King.

    While the TBTF banks have spent an estimated 99 per cent of the bailouts solely on speculative transactions with each other, the brutal austerity enforced by trans-Atlantic and Commonwealth governments against their own populations has caused a collapse of health care and living standards, soaring unemployment, and rising death rates. This ugly policy has unleashed a volcanic political backlash, most recently in the June 2016 UK vote for Brexit and in Donald Trump’s stunning upset of City of London/Wall Street darling Hillary Clinton in the American Presidential election this month.

    The burning questions addressed by The New Citizen are: 1) Who wilfully caused this nightmare, and how, precisely?; and 2) How do we get out of it? Based upon the international LaRouche movement’s 50-year crusade for a new, just world order, this issue of The New Citizen answers those questions. It takes them up in three features.

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