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18th May, 2016

GFC response kicked can down the road—to now

Every single measure financial authorities have taken since 2008, in the name of ending Too Big To Fail and preventing another financial crisis, has led us to the brink of a new blowout, even bigger than the last. As a symposium held by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve heard this week, the people wanted something different post-GFC—"the public wanted Glass-Steagall"—and that is still the only solution.

Articles include the following:

  • New York Fed President is worrying about the next crash
  • 'Too Big to Jail' banks vital to global drug-terror cartels
  • Italian MPs push Glass-Steagall at European Parliament event
  • Regime change in Brazil
  • Fernández de Kirchner indicted on trumped-up charges
  • It's showdown time on the Saudi role in 9/11

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23rd May, 2016

Statement from CEC candidates Chris Lahy for Mallee and Jeff Davy for Murray:

Dairy emergency—Australia needs parity pricing for agriculture

The essential nature of agriculture, especially fresh milk production, means that it is not just another industry—the government has the same duty of care to ensure the nation’s food security by keeping family farmers in production as it does to ensure a clean water supply.

It is urgent, therefore, that Australia implement a system of parity pricing for agricultural products, so that family farmers are never forced to wear prices that are below the cost of production.

The present crisis in the dairy industry among suppliers to Murray-Goulburn and Fonterra, who have suddenly suffered steep price cuts to well below their production costs, is a symptom of the disastrous free market ideology that has sabotaged Australian agriculture over the past three decades. Australian farmers were thrown to the free trade wolves, forced to “compete” on local and global markets that are anything but “free”.

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